Zombie Jesus vs. Vampire Jesus.

Zombie Jesus. (1) (2)

Vampire Jesus. (1)

I think I just converted to the Church of Vampire Jesus.

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3 Responses to Zombie Jesus vs. Vampire Jesus.

  1. Woop! I never thought I’d end up starting a church. Now to work out the small matter of tithing… 😉

    • ediehowe says:

      I get 10%, right? Got any lapsong suchong? I’m that parched.

      • Lapsong suchong? Sorry, I’m Irish. None of that carry-on here, I think you can get deported for that kind of behaviour. I have some lovely Barry’s loose leaf, though. And some nice Rooibos, if you’re that way inclined.
        But sure, I’m sure there’ll be plenty loot donations to the One True Bloodsucker before long. Enough for at least a high priest(ess) or three. 😉

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