St. Darwin, or Religious Evolution.

Mister Ebert! I’ll thank you in the future to warm when you’re about to cause cognitive dissonance that amounts to a ding about the earhole with a half brick in a sock! You just tweeted: “Sin includes not believing in Darwin, says Michael Dowd, a Christian evangelist for evolution.” Link lead me to this brain-breaker: “The New Evagelism: Michael Dowd’s Evolutionary Christianity

It takes all kinds, I suppose. I wonder what Mister Myers will have to say about this when he catches wind of it. Excuse me, I need to send an email. And then go out, sit in the sun and cackle.

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3 Responses to St. Darwin, or Religious Evolution.

  1. I find getting around this one quite simple. I don’t believe in evolution. I see it as entirely established fact which doesn’t need anything as silly as my belief to continue being the case. Going around actively believing in it would imply that it’s the kind of namby-pamby concept that can’t get by perfectly well with the few tons of evidence supporting it.
    Cognitive dissonance fixed! Success!

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