Schadenfreude Pie denied: Terry Jones

First, about Schadenfreude Pie: Schadenfreude is German for “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!”.

Now, who the hell is Terry Jones? He’s the numb-nuts who did a bit of religio-political grandstanding by announcing he was going to burn a bunch of copies of the Koran; Eventually, he burned just one, and as a result, some folks somewhere over there got pissed off, staged a demonstration which turned into a riot, and 11 people died. He claims he’s not responsible, of course.

I think it noteworthy that even the KKK has spoken out against Mr. Jones–hence the additional catagory of scorpion vs. wasp.

So what about this denied bit of pie? Seems Mr. Jones’ gun went off in a parking lot, puncturing the floorboards of his car. It’s just a damn shame it didn’t go through his foot.

I console myself with the fact that some day Fred Phelps is going to die, and I will show up at his funeral for one huge glut of Schadenfreude Pie. And every year thereafter.

Friendly wave of the Curmudgeonly Cane to Mr. Mike Elk for sharing the KKK tidbit, and Sunfell for the tip about the gun-going-off story.

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