Breitbart Vs. Beck.

Imagine laying on your stomach as a kid in the back yard, watching the microcosmic world like a god. There’s a wasp nest, and wisely, you keep back, keep quiet, mesmerized by the choreography of flights and landings. Suddenly a scorpion wanders into view, approaching the nest. (So you grew up near a desert, ok? Work with me here.)

What would you do? If you’re smart, absolutely nothing, except maybe call your friends over to watch the ensuing battle.

Witness, oh gentle and wise readers, the battle between Andrew Brietbart and Glenn Beck. “He threw me under the bus“, the wounded Breitbart wails.

This should be good; Because when it comes to a battle between a wasp and a scorpion, does it really matter who wins or loses? They’re both gonna stung and they’re both gonna hurt like hell.

A friendly wave of the Curmudgeonly cane to Our Angelo, he of the successful Stop Beck movement. He’s still sassy yet. He’ll make a fine curmudgeon some day.

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