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Tweet of the day.

From Twitter user @pourmecoffee: “Birther Trump going to White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Would be great if he was served a single dead crow on plate.” Advertisements

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There’s curmudgeonly, and then there’s asshole.

Remember this name: Bruce Caswell. Got that? Bruce Caswell. One more time. Bruce Caswell. He’s a state senator in Michigan. He’s come up with a bill that would require foster children and children of the working poor in Michigan to … Continue reading

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Just doing his job.

Art Credit: Banksy Photo credit: Unknown My new desktop wall paper. Friendly wave of the curmudgeonly cane to Mister Ebert. I’ve almost forgiven you for that bout of cognitive dissonance the other day.

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Zombie Jesus vs. Vampire Jesus.

Zombie Jesus. (1) (2) Vampire Jesus. (1) I think I just converted to the Church of Vampire Jesus.

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Even curmudgeons need friends

This warmed the shriveled cockles of my curmudgeonly heart: A goose becomes a seeing-eye companion to a blind dog, and they even chase the postman together. Awwwww…. A friendly wave of the curmudgeonly cane to the good folks over at … Continue reading

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Cackle Fest!

The Curmudgeonly Progress (cest moi) finds humor in other things besides Wingnut cannabalism and gun-deckery; Here’s a list of web comics that tickle my curmudgeonly funny-bone: Simon’s Cat: If it weren’t for this video cartoon, I’d prolly be a crazy … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude Pie denied: Terry Jones

First, about Schadenfreude Pie: Schadenfreude is German for “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!”. Now, who the hell is Terry Jones? He’s the numb-nuts who did a bit of religio-political grandstanding by announcing he was going to burn a bunch … Continue reading

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